Huawei Deny Spying Risk

Huawei’s founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei continues to deny all allegations relating to his company spying for Chinese authorities, insisting that his company had never been asked to spy on clients.  In a rare interview with just six journalists from foreign media, Mr Ren told the them, “I love my country. I support the Communist Party. … More Huawei Deny Spying Risk

UK’s MI6 Launch First Cinema Advert

“But She Could” On Monday 06 March MI6 launched their first cinema advert, “but she could”, which will give viewers a better understanding of the skills required to be a MI6 Intelligence Officer. MI6 is recruiting across all roles in its workforce.  The agency has always attracted talent but both Britain and the challenges faced are changing.  … More UK’s MI6 Launch First Cinema Advert