UK’s MI6 Launch First Cinema Advert

“But She Could”

On Monday 06 March MI6 launched their first cinema advert, “but she could”, which will give viewers a better understanding of the skills required to be a MI6 Intelligence Officer.

MI6 is recruiting across all roles in its workforce.  The agency has always attracted talent but both Britain and the challenges faced are changing.  In order to remain one of the best intelligence services in the world, MI6 need to harness talent from the widest possible range of backgrounds.

Despite having one of the world’s strongest brands they want to reach out to people who don’t think they are right for MI6, to help them understand the skills needed and the career opportunities on offer – this campaign is about attracting a broader range of candidates.

Intelligence Officers are at the front line of MI6 operations.  They want to attract candidates who are able to perform three functions over the course of their career.

It is not easy to define what an Intelligence Officer looks like – there is no “standard officer”.  Some of the key things looked for are: emotional intelligence, excellent interpersonal skills, a public service ethos, mental sharpness, an interest in foreign affairs and cultures, a desire to live and work overseas, curiosity, influencing skills, sound judgement, integrity, team work and being technically savvy.

To be eligible to be an Intelligence Officer candidates must be British, 21 or over and hold a 2:2 degree of higher.  Many candidates have several years work experience in another sector.

In the summer, MI6 will introduce an entry level targeting top graduates (potential candidates can register their interest on the MI6 website).  They also offer other entry points; our Business Support Officers can progress into Intelligence Officer functions, for example.  And they currently have a range of roles advertised on their website, including linguists and technology specialistsView all of the MI6 roles.

The Chief of MI6, Alex Younger, said “I’m proud to lead a world class human intelligence organisation that attracts some of the brightest and best talent this country has to offer.  My message has always been simple: MI6’s success is thanks to our people.  I want everyone to know that, regardless of background, if you have the skills we need and share our values, there is a future for you in MI6.  I want people to see our advert and know that there is a place for them in our team.”

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