Police Carry Out Raids Linked to German Spyware Firm FinFisher

The German Customs Investigation Bureau (ZKA) searched 15 residential and business premises in Germany and abroad last week with connections to the Munich-based surveillance software firm FinFisher.

The firm is suspected of exporting its most important surveillance software, known as FinSpy, to other countries without the correct license, German public broadcaster ARD reported on Wednesday.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office is investigating managing directors and employees at the firm for “suspected violations of the Foreign Trade and Payments Act,” reported ARD, citing a spokesperson.

FinSpy can access address books, photographs and videos on targeted smartphones, as well as listening in on telephone conversations.

FinFisher also produced the so-called Federal Trojan — software used by the Federal Criminal Police Office and the ZKA — the bureau that carried out the raids on the firm.

In Germany, strict laws govern how surveillance software can be exported.