New MESA™ Spectrum Analyzer Packs Utility in a Mobile Unit

Radio Frequency (RF) applications demand agile, portable, handheld spectrum analyzers to measure the power and frequency of known and unknown transmissions, often at different locations. REI has developed a portable spectrum analyzer that delivers precision, high performance, and versatility for assessing RF energy in a variety of environments.

The new MESA™ – Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer is a handheld RF receiver that detects known, unknown, illegal, disruptive, or interfering transmissions throughout wide frequency spans up to 6 GHz (12 GHz with Down Converter antenna).

The MESA™ includes testing modes for RF spectrum analysis, Wifi, Bluetooth®, Mobile Bands and a new Patent Pending SmartBars™ mode that displays like a broadband receiver and uniquely highlights changes in RF energy in a bar graph display. SmartBars™ is a quick way to see changes in energy across a wide frequency span.

A wide selection of antennas and probes provide narrow to broad frequency ranges for varying applications. MESA™ auto-detects connected REI antennas/probes. Also included are probes for testing carrier current, ultrasonic, IR/Visible Light, and acoustic leakage for evaluating structure bound audio leakage.

The polycarbonate body is slightly bigger than a typical DSLR camera and weighs about the same or less. MESA™ is the only spectrum analyzer of its kind to be completely touch screen controlled. A 7-inch capacitive display offers easy navigation to control all MESA™ functions. The body is equipped with a hand strap and probe mounting bracket. A back-mounted kickstand lets MESA™ sit upright for stationary use. The package includes Li-ion batteries and AC power supply.

MESA™ optimizes sweep speed, frequency range, and data processing in a portable analyzer suitable for a variety of applications.

More information is available on REI’s website.