Funding Boost for Australian Counter Terrorism & Counter Espionage Agencies

The Hon. Peter Dutton, MP – Minister for Home Affairs – Australia, announced on Saturday (30.03.19) that law enforcement and security agencies will receive significant funding boosts in next week’s Federal Budget. 

The Morrison Coalition Government will provide an additional $512 million to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and an additional $58 million to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)

The increased allocations will ensure the AFP is positioned to detect, deter and disrupt terror threats and transnational crime and will provide an initial investment to enhance the operational effectiveness of ASIO against evolving threats and technology.

The terrorist threat to Australia remains at probable, cyber threats are unrelenting and increasing and there are new and emerging national security challenges.

The AFP is now conducting seven times more counter terrorism operations and monitoring eight times the number of people of interest than it did five years ago.

The 2019-20 Budget will provide the support for the AFP to dedicate increased resources to managing and monitoring the risk posed by persons of interest.

It will enable the AFP to address the risks posed by convicted terrorists being released from jail and returning to the community.

Additionally, it will enhance the AFP’s ability to operate offshore to combat the threat posed by Australian foreign fighters attempting to return to Australia.

New and enhanced technology will be acquired to meet the challenges of the digital era for law enforcement and security agencies.

Our cyber security defences will be strengthened. Cybercrime is costing Australia $1 billion annually in direct costs, but indirectly the cost is estimated to be around $17 billion.

Remotely piloted aircraft – or drones – are just one of the emerging risks to the safety of Australians, the increased funding in the 2019-20 Budget will arm the AFP with capabilities to counter drone threats with anti-remote piloted aircraft systems and associated hardware and software.

A range of other capabilities, staff deployments, training and acquisitions will be provided by these Budget allocations.

They underline the Morrison Coalition Government’s commitment to a safe and secure Australia.

Further measures to enhance the safety and security of Australians will be made in the Budget.