Five Venezuelans Expelled from Colombia Accused of Spying

An official press release by Columbia’s Migracion Ministerlo de Relaciones Exteriores, last week, announced that Immigration Colombia returned home five Venezuelans who “advanced activities not authorised in Colombia”

The press release reads;
In the last minutes Migration Colombia he returned home to five Venezuelan citizens who were allegedly advancing activities that would work against public security and social order.

Foreigners were placed in a joint procedure between Colombia and Sijín Migration of the National Police, while travelling aboard a Venezuelan vehicle plates along Avenida Los Libertadores, northwest of the city of Cucuta.

After your location, and then forward the procedures appropriate check, it was established that foreigners were irregularly within the national territory, which is why the corresponding proceedings were opened, which could conclude with a measure of deportation or expulsion, depending on each case.

Foreigners were transferred to Simon Bolivar International Bridge, which became effective as of departure.

“We will not allow foreign nationals to enter our country to affect social order and tranquillity. We know that there is a clear interest from the dictatorship of Maduro to affect national security in the face of events that are about to be made and they seek only the return of democracy to the neighbouring country The controls will continue and as we have reached out to the Venezuelan people can be sure they will not hesitate to punish foreigners who seek to alter the tranquillity of our country “ said Christian Krüger Sarmiento, director General of Immigration Colombia.