Moroccan Armed Forces to Modernise With Focus on Counter-Espionage

Morocco has launched a strategy to modernise its army, focusing on developing its technological and counter-espionage capabilities.

The General Inspector of the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces, General Abdelfattah Louarak, gave instructions to military leaders in the Kingdom to implement a new strategy focused on manufacturing and counter-espionage claims the Middle East Monitor.

Moroccan newspaper Al-Massae quoted an informed source as saying that the new strategy also includes investigating the complaints revealed by the Armed Forces Command, transmitting them to the Supreme Command of the Royal Armed Forces. Inspector General Abdelfattah Louarak will therefore be granted the authority to issue disciplinary sanctions against those involved.

Special instructions regarding compulsory recruitment were also given, with the possibility of granting temporary or final exemptions for those with specific conditions, particularly physical disability or health problems, thought this must be confirmed by a medical report.

It was also stressed that those sentenced to a criminal penalty or imprisonment for more than six months were exempt from military service, unless they were since rehabilitated.