Taiwan Naval Officer Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Classified Information

According to a recent article in the South China Morning Post, Taiwan has arrested a Naval Offer for allegedly stealing classified information whilst serving on the Chen De La Fayette Frigate (FFG-1208)  between July 2011 and June 2018 in what is thought to be an espionage case. 

Master Petty Officer Hung, is accused of illegally copying “a great number of sensitive cyber intelligence and classified information from the computer system of the vessel” during the seven years that he served on the frigate.

Chief Prosecutor Lin Ying-hua said that investigators had searched Hung’s home in relation to a different case, and had seized a mobile phone and computers. When the seized hard drive was searched they found what they believed to be classified information, which was sent to the navy for verification.

Other addresses and the frigate itself had also been searched.

It is unclear if the classified information had been sold or shown to others or if he is accused of spying, as the Chief Prosecutor declined to comment. However, he did say that Hung had been arrested for allegedly “violating national security, anti-treason and subversion laws, as well as the statute against the leaking of national secrets.

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