Spying Risks Mix for Huawei in SE Asia

Chinese telecom giant looks to neighbouring region to roll out 5G networks US, Australia and others have blocked due to national security concerns

The Asia Times reported yesterday, that when Australia banned China’s Huawei from supplying equipment to its planned 5G mobile network for reasons of national security, it resurrected stubborn questions about whether Chinese tech firms can be trusted as neutral operators.

Huawei, China’s and the world’s largest telecoms equipment manufacturer, has also faced difficulties this year in the United States, where there are similar concerns about how close the private-owned company is to China’s communist rulers.

But while some Western nations are increasingly concerned about China’s technological reach and intent, neighbouring Southeast Asian countries are less alarmed, as they reach to China to help build 5G networks they lack the know-how to do independently.

But technology analysts warn that could come at a cost to cyber-security and as a result national sovereignty.

Read full article; Asia Times

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