Brexit Bugging Claim – Paranoia or Fact?

This summer we had more claims that the Brexit negotiations are being bugged by MI6.

Is this European Paranoia or could it be true?

Well of course it could be true, considering that Brexit is the single most important economic negotiation Britain has been involved with since its entry into the then EEC, back in 1973. But for possible suspects, why stop at MI6. These are super high stakes negotiations and the outcome, known in advance, will have huge implications not just for Britain and the EU, but major corporations across the world and virtually every government that does business with EU and/or Britain. You can add to the list of possible interested parties’ bankers, equity dealers, commodity traders, currency speculators, even property developers. Where you have a high stakes game, you will have winners and losers and there are always those that will look for that competitive edge. Legal or otherwise.

Therefore, any organisation involved in important negotiations, whatever they are, should assume somebody is at least trying to listen-in, and put in place the necessary counter measures to ensure they can’t.

It seems inconceivable that two big, responsible organisations like the EU and UK government, don’t already have all the appropriate counter measures in place and that these stories are just media hype.

But then nothing seems inconceivable these days!

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