I.P.S. Encrypted Mobile Phone

While GSM is a reasonably secure cellular telecommunications system, its well-publicised weaknesses make it unsuitable for exchanging confidential or sensitive information. Calls can be monitored or infiltrated by readily available surveillance equipment. End-to-end security is not provided, nor is it possible to authenticate the individual with which you are in contact.

‘Man-in-the-middle’ attacks from false base stations are a real threat, as is the cloning of SIM cards. The IPS Encrypted Mobile Phone is a totally secure, fully upgradeable mobile phone that uses military-level encryption to enable unbreachable communication with other Enigma users via all standard GSM networks.

Enigma technology is based around two internal SMART cards. The first card delivers standard GSM services. The second, issued by a globally recognised Trust Centre delivers powerful encryption using established and open protocols.

Pioneering design merges these two technologies to create a unique, unbreakable ‘cyphering key’ for each and every call – providing failsafe point-to-point authentication and unbreachable privacy within a closed user group. The encrypted mobiles can be used as ‘stand alone’ units.

Alternatively they can be incorporated into a PSTN/ISDN system as shown below.


Simple one button operation makes this ideal for worldwide, totally confidential, high level communications between Clients, Lawyers, Stockbrokers, Accountants etc.,

Due to the high level of encryption this equipment requires an export licence for sale outside of the EU.

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